Going Back to Normal: Easy Steps to Canceling LinkedIn Premium in 2024

Going Back to Normal: Easy Steps to Canceling LinkedIn Premium in 2024

Employers and employees worldwide use LinkedIn, one of the most popular professional social media platforms. Explore its full potential by learning first about its Premium version and its benefits.

Once you are done, canceling LinkedIn Premium would be the next step. This allows you to revert to your basic account. Even when you don’t use the Premium version, you should try professional tools that will improve your online activity on LinkedIn, and for this reason, we recommend LinkedCopilot.

Read this article to learn about the best LinkedIn Premium benefits, and how to cancel your Premium account. Don’t miss out on our recommended software, LinkedCopilot: a must-have for your success in LinkedIn!

Benefits of LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn, the professional network

If your goal is networking, job hunting, or career improvement, you can achieve your goals using LinkedIn in its premium version. This allows access to this platform’s extra features: InMail Credits, Improved Visibility, Access to Premium Insights, Learning Opportunities, Salary Insights, and many more.

Let us examine briefly what you can do when using these powerful extra features.

InMail Credits

You can send these private messages to anyone on LinkedIn, whether you are connected with them or not. Use this feature to contact mentors, industry experts, and potential employers.

Improved Visibility

With a premium account, your profile receives a Premium badge which differentiates it from other profiles. That makes you stand out and be more visible to recruiters and hiring managers, resulting in more job opportunities.

Access to Premium Insights

The Premium version allows you in-depth insights into your profile visitors. You will gain access to an entire list of companies and job titles from your profile visitors. This feature allows you to customize your profile and outreach strategies.

Learning Opportunities

Access LinkedIn Learning, a vast library of online courses on many topics. Use this premium feature to gain new professional skills and remain competitive in your field of work.

Salary Insights

Do I receive the salary I deserve? You may have often asked yourself this question. When using Premium, the Salary Insights feature shows you how much other professionals from your industry and location earn.

Once you have chosen the LinkedIn premium subscription purchased, take advantage of these features and expand your network, obtain a new or better job, or even improve your career. After obtaining any of these benefits, the next logical step is canceling LinkedIn Premium.

How Can I Cancel My Premium LinkedIn Account?

LinkedIn mobile app

You can cancel the LinkedIn premium subscription purchased if you signed up through LinkedIn’s desktop or mobile version. Use the LinkedIn desktop website or the LinkedIn mobile app from your Android device.

As a Premium member, you can schedule canceling your Premium subscription for the next billing date. Contact their customer support if you need to cancel that Premium subscription immediately.

Regardless of the device, you can avoid paying for the next billing cycle. Thus, you must cancel your subscription plan at least one day before your next billing cycle. If you didn't cancel your Premium version and LinkedIn charged you for your premium subscription, check their refund policy.

For billing-related issues, contact LinkedIn’s customer support department. If you are a Premium subscriber in the United States or Germany, you can cancel LinkedIn Premium without signing in directly from the company’s website.

The following short tutorials will cover three device types you use when creating and upgrading your LinkedIn account: desktop, Android, and iOS.


Cancel your Premium subscription on desktop computer
  1. Go to the top of your LinkedIn homepage and click the Me icon.
  2. Choose Premium features from the dropdown menu.
  3. Click on Subscription details (next to Premium Account and Features).
  4. Choose Manage Subscription from the dropdown menu.
  5. You have been redirected to the Manage Premium account section.
  6. Select Cancel subscription and follow the next steps to complete the cancellation process.


Cancel your Premium LinkedIn subscription from an Android device

If you are an Android user, you have purchased your LinkedIn Premium via Google Play Store. Whenever you wish to cancel your LinkedIn Premium, you can use the LinkedIn desktop version, LinkedIn mobile app, or the Google Play desktop or mobile app.

  1. Go to the top of your LinkedIn homepage and click the Me icon.
  2. From the dropdown menu, choose Premium features.
  3. Select and click Subscription details (located next to Premium Account and Features).
  4. Choose Manage Subscription from the dropdown menu.
  5. You are redirected to the Manage Premium account and then click Cancel subscription.
  6. Select and click Continue to cancel and then confirm that action.
  7. Choose the reason for canceling your Premium Subscription, click Continue to cancel, and then click Done.


Cancel LinkedIn Premium from an iOS device

All iOS users must comply with Apple’s privacy policies, which means you cannot use LinkedIn directly after purchasing your LinkedIn Premium subscription via iTunes. If you bought your Premium subscription from the App Store or iTunes, you must use the LinkedIn desktop or mobile app to begin the cancellation process.

You will have to complete this process from the iTunes subscription management settings. Here are the steps for the cancellation process:

  1. Open the iTunes app from your iOS desktop or mobile device.
  2. Select and open the Subscription Management Settings page.
  3. Find your LinkedIn Premium subscription.
  4. Select Cancel Subscription at the bottom of the screen, click it, and then confirm your decision.

Once you have completed these steps, you have managed to cancel LinkedIn Premium. Your account will return to its Basic (free) status and you will lose access to all Premium features once your billing cycle has ended.

The Premium subscription is a useful tool for employers and employees, and the previous sections show you its top five features. You should also check those small tutorials if you have achieved your goals and wish to cancel LinkedIn Premium.

However, topics about LinkedIn's benefits and how to cancel your LinkedIn Premium are not the only ones you should consider. Besides using an upgraded account, you can also use LinkedCopilot to improve your LinkedIn activity. You will find a brief description of this performant tool in the next section.

LinkedCopilot: What Is It and How To Use It

LinkedCopilot's detailed analytics

Do you want to increase your reach, engagement, and followers on LinkedIn? Achieve this growth using LinkedCopilot. Once you start creating content for that professional platform, this powerful tool improves the analysis of your posts.

That allows you to understand which types of content perform the best in that professional platform.

More than that, LinkedCopilot allows you to check which content other creators use for their best results.

Perform the best growth and improvement of your customers’ brands using LinkedCopilot. It will allow you to publish content for dozens of customers, and give you access to specific and detailed metric reports.

All of these, combined with an increased boost in engagement, will turn you into a Content Master in your professional line of work.

No more lack of inspiration when LinkedCopilot is activated! You will never run out of ideas and schedule your LinkedIn posts like a true professional. Learn about its features, use them to become Number One, and remain on top! 

Final Thoughts

Use LinkedIn's top features

You gain access to a world of professional opportunities as a LinkedIn user, and its Premium version allows you complete access to them. Take a look at LinkedIn’s top five benefits and what they can offer.

Once you are done, canceling LinkedIn Premium can be easily done by taking the necessary steps. They will always depend on which type of device you use when updating your professional LinkedIn account: desktop, Android, or iOS.

We also recommend LinkedCopilot, a top-notch tool that dramatically improves your LinkedIn activity. Try now!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What happens if I cancel my LinkedIn premium subscription early?

Once you have canceled your LinkedIn premium account, you can still enjoy your free account and keep all important details on LinkedIn, such as contacts, for example. In addition, once your last month's billing cycle has ended, your Premium feature will be discontinued.

2. How do I stop my LinkedIn premium subscription?

Click the Me icon to sign up for LinkedIn, select Manage Premium accounts, and then cancel your subscription. Decide if you need to cancel your subscription, and if you do, wait for LinkedIn to confirm your account cancellation, causing that account to be verified and its subscription to be canceled.

3. Can I cancel my LinkedIn subscription and obtain a refund?

If you have logged out of LinkedIn, click that new experience page. If you need more detailed information regarding refund requests, visit the LinkedIn page.

4. When can I cancel my LinkedIn premium free trial?

 The cancellation process of your trial period will occur after 24 hours of receiving your refund. The customer support representative will contact you via e-mail within two business days of the expiry.

5. What is LinkedCopilot?

LinkedCopilot is a professional tool that improves your reach, engagement, and followers on LinkedIn, it offers a detailed and improved analysis of your posts and shows you the best types of content you can use there. You can use LinkedCopilot and never run out of ideas when creating high-quality LinkedIn content.

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